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TI-73 Activities    Includes:  TI-73 overview,  Graphing Basics,   Linking,  Probability Explorations,                                                      ...   and more!  Excellent for middle school and general math classes.

TI-83 Activities    Includes:   Slope Experiment,  Bicycyle Production,  Linking,   Pendulum Problem,  Sum of a Series Formulae, Picture Prices, 12 Days of Christmas   ...  and more! 

TI-92 Activities     Includes:   Betweenness,  Pythagorean Theorem,  Manufacturing a Gallon Can, Macro Construction,  The Phone Bill Problem   92 Style,  ...   and more!

T3   Graphing Calculator Ideas    Go to T3's home page and explore their "matrix" of ideas for every                                                      calculator and level of student.

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TI-82/83  Great Algebra Tutorial Programs -- courtesy of Doug Smeltz


The Great Applied Problem   This actual applied problem uses more mathematics than any other!

PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES  Teaching with George Polya's methods.  Includes 12 teaching examples and 83 student problems.